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What is Cavachon Builders?

We are a QBCC register builder, specialising in residential building and renovations.

How many years has Cavachon Builders been in the business?

 25+years in the industry.

What are your services?

Building, Renovations such as: Extensions, Patios, Garages, Bathroom renovations, Kitchen renovations, Decking, Pagolas, Verandahs, Retaining walls, Granny flats

How long does it take to build a house?

4-6 months depending on the size and complexity

Do you comply with current building regulations?

Yes, we are a QBCC Registered and Insured Builder.

What are the stages of home construction?




Permits (Design and buildilng approval)


Progress payment stages





Fixout – kitchen, doors, architraves, skirting


Who organizes building approval and plan certification?

Certifiers and council

How do you charge?

Our billing for projects is progressive payments which are subject to the project and contractual requirements

What are your payment terms?

For building homes it’s progressive payments, for smallers jobs it’s percentaged progress payments

What payment methods do you accept?

EFT (Direct deposits)

How do I know if the builder is registered?

You can look up the stated building licence through QBCC

How do I know what’s included in the price?

Full scope of works is provided ie. a detailed quote

Does the builder hold the correct insurances?

Yes, we are fully insured

What type of contracts do we use?

QBCC contracts

I don’t have any designs or plans in mind. Can you help?

Yes we can help with that, we have access to draftmens, architects and engineers.

Can I have access to the site during construction?

This depends on the job, if it’s a new build no, it’s illegal to step on site during the construction phase without prior arrangement with the designated project manager.

Are you experienced at building homes?

Over 25+ years experience in the industry, from granny flat and bathroom renovations through to full home builds up to 3 stories.

Will I be kept up to date during the building project?

We can schedule walk-throughs at various stages throughout the project. 

What happens if it rains?

  It depends on the stage of the project we’re at, if there is only internal work to be done, then it can be progressed, however works may be paused if inclement weather would adversely affect the outcome of the works.

Do you supply other trades if required?

Yes. We have a number of independent trades who work with us. Should your job require various trades, we will coordinate all trades and ensure that the quote provided includes this work – so you don’t have to worry about dealing with numerous invoices or `surprise’ costs!

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